“We purchased Stock Informatics a few years ago and are very happy with our choice.  Customer service has been nothing less than outstanding. The program is user friendly and provides accurate reports for all of our needs.

We would definitely recommend this software to other companies.”

- Senior Legal Administrator, technology company, New Jersey - customer since 2009

"Stock Informatics has exceeded our expectations.   The stock option software itself is excellent.   The delightful surprise for us has been the overall expertise and responsiveness of customer support.   Stock Informatics doesn’t just support their software,  Stock Informatics personnel are experts in the accounting and regulatory issues related to stock options, and this depth of background has allowed us to use the software to even greater benefit than we initially expected.  

I strongly recommend Stock Informatics for equity grant accounting and stock option accounting software."

- President, technology company, Massachusetts - customer since 2010

"Stock Informatics is a wonderful solution for tracking our warrant and stock option programs.  Not only does the software provide detailed reporting, Stock Informatics also provides detailed record keeping that’s only a keystroke away.  The Stock Informatics provides excellent quality service, always willing to assist no matter what the question may be.  

It’s  a great comfort to our organization to have Peter Minford and Stock Informatics as part of our team!"

- Executive Officer, community bank, Georgia - customer since  2004

What Our Customer Say:

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​We are pleased to announce a major Stock Informatics equity grant accounting and stock option accounting software update which includes the following enhancements:

Stock Informatics

Stock Informatics delivers a powerful and affordable FAS 123R / ASC 718 Equity Grant Accounting and Stock Option Accounting tracking and accounting program for:

  • Stock Options (ISO, Non Qualified and Performance),
  • Warrants,
  • Stock Appreciation Rights,
  • Restricted Stock Grants,
  • Phantom Shares

Whether you are migrating from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or expensive competitors, you will find Stock Informatics to be a sensible alternative for stock based compensation.


Easy setup of vesting schedules - with complete flexability for variable time periods and vesting percentages,

Stock Splits and Stock Dividends:

  • Accommodates forward and reverse stock splits and stock dividends. 
  • Dynamic adjustments to the number of grants and exercise prices.

Stores and tracks the specifics of each Equity Grant and Stock Option award:

  • Grants,
  • Exercises,
  • Forfeitures,
  • Expirations.

Automatically updates the array of calculations for:

  • Authorized grants,
  • Issued grants,
  • Remaining grants available for issuance,
  • Vested grants,
  • Grants "in the money",
  • Dilutive grants,
  • Integrated Black Scholes fair value calculations,
  • Self contained stock price Volatility calculations.

Generates reports for any present, past or future time period:

  • Excellent documentation for Auditors, Plan Administrations, and Regulatory Examiners,
  • Participant transaction statements,
  • Illustrates pro-forma impact of stock price changes and additional vesting.

Recent enhancements:

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