Data Informatics, LLC

Bank Informatics - a database aggregation and analytics program addressing the specialized management and regulatory reporting requirements of financial institutions.

You have struggled long enough accessing your data through cumbersome constraints of your core processor. Bank Informatics resides on your server, giving you complete control and unrestricted access.

Our solution provides immediate access to data files extracted from multiple platforms and applications through one integrated analytics program.

Bank Informatics dramatically reduces the preparation time for:

  • Bank Call Reports, 
  • Risk Based Capital Calculations and capital modeling, 
  • Audit Department queries, 
  • Legal Lending Limit calculations, 
  • Cash Flow modeling and projections, 
  • The reporting capabilities are virtually endless... 

The program stores complex calculations within the database, thereby providing a more reliable, stable and accurate solution compared to complicated Excel spreadsheets and cumbersome core processing reporting modules.

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Stock Informatics delivers a powerful and affordable FAS 123R / ASC 718 Equity Grant tracking and accounting program for:

  • Stock Options (ISO, Non Qualified and Performance), 
  • Warrants, 
  • Restricted Stock Grants, 
  • Phantom Shares 

Whether you are migrating from cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or expensive competitors, you will find Stock Informatics to be a sensible alternative.


  • Easy setup of vesting schedules - variable time periods and vesting percentages, 
  • Stores and tracks the specifics of each grant: 
    • Grants, 
    • Exercises, 
    • Forfeitures, 
    • Expirations 

Automatically updates the array of calculations for:

  • Authorized grants, 
  • Issued grants, 
  • Remaining grants available for issuance, 
  • Vested grants, 
  • Grants "in the money", 
  • Dilutive grants, 

Integrated Black Scholes fair value calculations, 
Self contained stock price Volatility calculations. 

Generates reports for any present, past or future time period:

  • Excellent documentation for Auditors, Plan Administrations, and Regulatory Examiners, 
  • Participant transaction statements, 
  • Illustrates pro-forma impact of stock price changes and additional vesting. 

Contact us for a custom quote which generally will range from $875 to $3,975 per year.

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