Data Informatics, LLC

Since 1989 StockTrack has been a provider of stock transfer and shareholder management software. StockTrack provides a complete Transfer Agent solution. 

The software supports issuance and transfer of stock, printing of stock certificates, cash dividends (including generating NACHA files for direct deposit), stock dividends, dividend reinvestment, proxy, splits, and all related reporting as well as support for 1099 tax reporting.  It is in use by stock transfer agents and self issuers across the U.S.

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Sunburst Database provides database software applications which run on Microsoft Windows. Over the past 15 years, its owner, Peter Pressley, has completed numerous successful projects for clients in a number of industries including medicine, financial services, engineering, and construction.

These computer programs have been assembled into a variety of software solutions that are being marketed as offerings from Sunburst Database, the product division of Pressley Consulting, Inc.

Pressley Consulting, Inc. has also been the developer of all Data Informatics' products including Bank Informatics, Stock Informatics and Volatility Informatics.

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Established in 1983, Adams, Inc. is a privately held, national search firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of qualified executive professionals in the banking, credit union, general financial, and trust industries. 

 The company also acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers of banks, trust departments, and insurance agencies for merger discussions. Adams brings extra value to owners and stockholders of financial institutions in addition to regular executive search activities. 

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