Comprehensive database containing over 2,000 Regulatory Enforcement Actions

  • Consolidated from all Federal Regulators - FDIC, OCC and FRB

  • Safety and Soundness / Asset Quality Enforcement Actions: 
  • Cease and Desist Orders 
  • Consent Orders 
  • Supervisory Agreements 
  • Capital Directives - Prompt and Corrective Actions 

Proprietary troubled bank lists which objectively identify problem U.S. financial institutions: 

  • iBank Monitor Watch List
  • iBank Monitor Critical List
  • Troubled banks with TARP 
  • Stealth troubled banks - those which have no publicly disclosed Regulatory Enforcement Actions.
  • Identified Liquidity red flags - those banks with high levels of: 
    • Brokered Deposits
    • Wholesale Borrowings 

Bank failure statistics 

  • Failed bank acquisitions 
  • Failures by city, state and MSA

Identification of "Hyper-Capitalized" banks - those with unusually strong capital levels which are well positioned to be bank acquirers.

Identification of "Life Line" banks - those banks that have depleted capital, cleaned up their balance sheets, and may be attractive pre-failure acquisition targets. 

Tracking of failed bank acquisitions by buyer - identification of banks which are actively buying failed banks. 

Financial metrics on all U.S. banks.

iBank Monitor - Proprietary Database, Reports and Studies

Unique Content:

  • Bank Regulators - desiring a quick reference for comprehensive roll-ups of all regulatory enforcement actions. Providing an objective summary view of all banks. 
  • Bankers 
    • Benchmarking to compare to bank peers: 
      • Financial performance 
      • Wholesale liabilities 
      • Troubled asset resolution 
    • Identification of potential suitors or acquisition targets 

  • CPAs 
    • Comprehensive independent verification of regulatory enforcement actions on prospective and current bank clients. 

  • Attorneys
    • Preparation for bank litigation - who knew what and when. 
    • Expert bank witness preparation. 

  • Bank Recruiters / Headhunters 
    • Understand the true financial picture of bank clients. 

  • Media- newspapers and business journals 
    • Complimentary regional, state, city or institution custom studies to augment feature articles and stories. 

  • Bank Landlords
    • Prepare for troubled bank tenant closures - anticipate whether lease payments will continue or if certain leases would be subject to repudiation upon failure. 

  • Bank Vendors 
    • Determine which bank clients are having financial difficulty. 

  • Bank Insurers / Bonding Companies 
    • Identify and benchmark bank client performance to mitigate loss exposure. 

  • Bank Consultants 
    • Excellent documentation to gauge bank performance enhancement, or to illustrate undesirable outcomes if performance is not corrected. Real life cases documenting failed banks. 

  • Investors / Shareholders 
    • Identify bank asset quality and financial trends. 

  • Stock Brokers 
    • Scan client bank portfolios for exposure. 

  • Prospective Senior Management New Hires 
    • Understand a potential employer's asset quality and earnings exposure relative to peers. 

  • Investment Bankers 
  • Bank Customers 
    • Monitor bank performance - possibly brace for financial difficulty as a depositor or borrower.​

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